Kudos Corner is a means of acknowledging those in our parish who share their time, talent and treasure to spread the Good News of God's unconditional love. It is intended to lift up and celebrate the actions of individuals and groups within our faith community who touch hearts and make a difference.

This month’s Kudos Corner recognizes Diane Williams.

Diane is retiring after 25 years of service to the parish as our Business Manager. She has led 3 building projects and is helping with the 4th project now underway. But while we could enumerate a myriad of accomplishments due to her talents to “manage,” all who know Diane can attest to how she has made an even bigger difference due to her desire to “minister.” 

Diane has reached out to help many in need. Those who have received from her generous heart know this. Under her leadership, our St. Vincent de Paul group has done countless good works. As one member of the staff put it, SVDP “came alive” under her influence. 

Through two bouts with breast cancer, Diane has shown a deep faith in God’s deliverance. From her deeply spiritual experience she saw the need for a cancer support group. As a member of that group, Gina Huseman Donovan, tells it: 

“In 1997, almost twenty years ago, when first diagnosed with cancer, Diane was recommended to attend a support group by her doctor. She did and benefited from it; but the group was not supposed to mention God. So she consulted Sr. Gert and together they initiated the Cancer Support Group at Visi, one that had God as an integral part. This support group featured: Meetings that started and ended with prayer; prayer services, healing Masses and special blessings; speakers; videos; monthly meetings; support for one another; rides to appointments when necessary; information on services in our community; an annual Christmas dinner and, of course, attendance at the funerals. Diane still organizes and runs every meeting, arranges the speakers and agendas and hosts the yearly swim party. She has received an "Unsung Hero" award from Cancer Family Care for her selfless one instance taking a late-stage cancer patient into her home temporarily when accommodations for her were delayed. She has been, and remains, the guiding spirit of the ministry.” 

Diane has also shared her spiritual insights through a longtime involvement in the Women’s Christ Renews His Parish program. Besides that, she and her husband, Chris, who have four sons, are the coordinators for FOCCUS, a program that helps guide engaged couples. 

After being trained and then serving as one of the Stephen Ministers here in the parish, Diane currently serves as the “Referrals Coordinator” and will continue in that role in retirement. 

Topping it off is a fitting honor! Diane has been named one of the 100 “Champions of Mercy” in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. She was selected by Catholic Charities of Southwestern Ohio and will join the other 99 at a ceremony on October 1st at the Cintas Center. The event is a celebration of 100 years of Catholic Charities being God’s mercy in the community by highlighting the charitable works of others. 

Diane leaves behind a long list of successes as Business Manager, but she leaves behind an even larger legacy of love and service as a Minister

Kudos Corner thanks and salutes Diane Williams for her many years of dedicated service to the parish in sharing her time, talent and treasure in ministry!

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