3172 South Road

Cincinnati, OH 45248

(513) 922-2056


3172 South Road | Cincinnati, OH 45248 | (513) 922-2056

Elizabeth Ministry is a chapter of the national Elizabeth Ministry. This is a ministry for women and their families who may need the support of another woman or family who have experienced a similar situation such as the loss of a baby through miscarriage. 

Our parish's ministry is also able to help with temporary assistance for meals, guidance for newborn care and mom's self care after delivery, as well as assistance for an expectant mother requiring bed rest. The Elizabeth Ministry also has blessings for expectant parents and will provide a blanket to welcome each new baby to our parish when notified of the birth. 

Contact Ken Meymann, 347-2219, Linda Mayhaus, 941-8130, or Carolyn Menner, 574-3109 for more information.