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Angie Litonjua Aug 2I prayed for you0
Please pray with us for Maharj Litonjua. She is one of our nieces. She resides in another country. We were informed last night that she was tested positive with COVID-19. Let us all pray for all COVID-19 patients all over the world. Thank you!
Angie Litonjua Jul 29I prayed for you1
Please pray with us for Marco. Thanks! Marco is our nephew's dad. We got this news yesterday, July 28th: "He has been diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer of the lungs (even if he is a non-smoker) that has now metastasized to his brain. Yesterday, x-rays showed that he may have had a recent stroke. He is back at the hospital receiving palliative care as all the cancer treatment methods may not be helpful at this point."
Angelita Litonjua Jul 27I prayed for you1
My husband and I have a special friend. His name is Jim. Mary, his wife texted us last Saturday, July 25, 2020 and told us that Jim had a heart attack and was brought to the Christ Hospital. Jim is in ICU and is medically sleeping. They are working out a heart transplant or making his heart work better. Can we please ask you to pray with us, his family, relatives & friends? We thank you so much!
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